By | 28. December 2015

Strategic Partnership supported by Erasmus + is aimed at building the competence of young people for the labor market.


Project description: In the opinion of employers, young people are not ready for the world of work. Not every university graduate is able to find a job, and even if they find employment, it  does not always fulfill their expectations. Likewise, young workers do not meet the expectations of employers. Young people do not use all  the possibilities offered by the activities of non-governmental organizations, or placements or work experience in companies related to their profession. Their skills and competences, but also their expectations, often do not correspond with the situation on the labor market.

The aim of the strategic partnership is to diagnose problems of young people in their readiness for the demands of the modern labor market and to effectively respond to them through a series of activities. These include, inter alia, cooperation, exchange of experience and information, testing and diagnosis of competencies of youth and expectations of employers, preparation of teaching materials and information campaign that will invite young people to acquire the necessary competences in non-formal education.

Partner organisations: 

European Meeting Center – Nowy Staw Foundation – Poland (co-ordinator)

Giosef Enna – Italy

UHM – Malta

NKOS – Slovakia

Centre for Intercultural Dialogue – Slovakia

Project duration: 1 November 2014 – 30 October 2016.