By | 28. September 2012

Partnership project E.N.C.L.O.S.E.- Establish a New Cooperation to Let Obtain Social Inclusion in Europe supported by the Lifelong Learning Programme- Grundtvig.EU_flag_LLP_SK-01

Project aim: The project is focused on  unemployment and social exclusion of vulnerable and disadvantaged  groups, and aims to develop measures to combat poverty and social  exclusion of disadvantaged people, strengthen integration and facilitate their access to the labor market.

Specific objectives of the project: 

  • Development of measures to combat poverty and social exclusion through the exchange of best practice in education,
  • Improving access to education and quality training in order to facilitate entry into the labour market;
  • Strengthen and expand the integration of disadvantaged people (i.e. people with disabilities, ethnic minorities, immigrants and other vulnerable groups), by overcoming prejudice and discrimination;
  • Promoting social inclusion and participation of vulnerable groups in society and working life;
  • Analyzing competences and skills for a new profession;
  • Support the development of social policies and the introduction of new and effective support systems;
  • Creating synergy between education and service providers, including scholarships for study and advice;
  • Encourage participation of learners and social partners in the development of educational programs;
  • Improve the process of policy making, involving NGOs, social partners, local and regional authorities and those working with disadvantaged people;
  • Exchange information, experience and good practice between the member states and the European Commission;
  • Strengthening the principle of dignity at work, through the promotion of non-discrimination, social protection, health and safety and social dialogue.

Project duration: 1 September 2012 – 31 August 2014

Project partners: 

Project web-page: www.project-enclose.eu